No matter what age or type of doll you create proportions are a very important part of the process.  For me it also the hardest part.

The proportions are based off of head length and vary depending on a dolls age.


The first thing that I do is decide on the age and length that I want the
finished doll to be.  For example, If I want to make a baby that is 4 inches long I know that the head needs to be 1 inch because babies are 4 heads long.

I found this is a great link to help in figuring out the proportions for my dolls
With this great FREE tool you can find the proportions no matter what age doll.

Just enter your desired information into the boxes then click on the calculate button.
Note..I have found that using centimeters work better than inches.

(10 centimeters is about 4 inches)

This program will give you the individual measurements on the page.


TIP: I print this picture off and resize it on my copier to use as
a visual “pattern” for the size doll you want to make.

Click to see some pictures of proportions in a search

Happy Sculpting,
Barbara Felts

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